Deb Rock-Evans | 20 ways to use Facebook Live to market your business
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20 ways to use Facebook Live to market your business

20 ways to use Facebook Live to market your business

Are you sold on the merits of Facebook Live but you’re just not sure how you could use it in your business? Like with any marketing tool you need to have a plan for how it’s going to increase your sales and revenue – otherwise it’s kind of a waste of time and money and yet another ‘new fad’ you’ve played with and not got any results from.

Need some ideas on the different ways that you could use Facebook Live to market your biz, your brand and sell your products or services? Then stick around – you’re in the right place!

This post is going to outline exactly WHY you should be using Facebook Live and HOW you can use it effectively to market your business.


Why Facebook Live?


Live video is a game-changer. It can achieve so much more for boosting you and your brand than any other form of Facebook posts, images or pre-recorded videos and here’s why:


Authentic Engagement

Your audience will feel like they’re getting to know you and best of all, they’ll feel like you’re getting to know them.

It’s easier to build lasting relationships with people because of the real-time interaction and it’s an effective way to get immediate feedback.

Attract more followers and increase engagement

Users that follow you will be notified when you go live with a broadcast, so try to attract more regular “followers” on the platform by presenting a quality livestream experience that your viewers will enjoy.

Facebook users are 3x more likely to watch a Live than a standard video post. There’s something about being live that appeals, people want to stick around to find out what happens. Facebook also boost the visibility of Facebook Lives in users’ feeds. This means you have a better chance of getting in front of your audience with a FB Live as compared to a regular video.

The increased engagement on your page due to your Live posts has a knock on effect with your other posts too, you notice a general organic increase in engagement.


Grow a community and a movement

Wouldn’t you rather have a tribe who’s fully engaged, fully participating, 100% involved and who feel like they’re part of a tribe? A tribe who’s raving about you – attracting more like-minded people to you without you having to push or market yourself?

The power of live video in building relationships and having 2-way conversations real-time, flows into building a following of like-minded people who you can encourage to join you in your group community. Facebook Live also helps people ‘see you everywhere’.

Drive Traffic to your website/blog

Every Facebook Live should have a Call To Action (CTA) and it’s a wasted opportunity if you don’t provide links to more information or related information over on your blog/website. Provide short links where possible and even consider holding up or displaying links on your actual live. Just don’t forget to use the opportunity!


Build your list and make more sales

Too many people are still not using Facebook Live to their full benefit and giving their viewers an opportunity to connect with them further afterwards.

Ultimately your list is where the gold is, this is where you’ll make the most of your sales, with the people who’ve grown to know, like and trust you and the quality of the content you provide. So it’s important to keep growing and nurturing that list.

Learn to utilise your Lives as a way to share links to special offers and landing pages where they can sign up and download/claim your freebies. It comes down to that all important CTA again!


OK onto the 20 ways YOU can utilise Facebook Lives to market your biz!


1 Host a Live Event

If you’re already hosting in-person events then consider live streaming the event to your page too, either a full broadcast or a taster/teaser! All you need is a tripod and a mount for your smartphone, an external microphone (unless the event audio is sufficient) and intro your broadcast and welcome your viewers to the event.

2. Host a live Q&A

Pre-promote and get some questions from your community to kick off with and then turn up live to answer any questions that they may have for you. This is a great way for you to build your relationships and for them to get more of a feel for you.

3. Host a Live Tutorial or mini-course

You can host it with just you and a whiteboard or you can screencast a slideshow or teach people how to do something via your desktop. You need to use software for this however and a great one is Ecamm (Apple users only sorry) which is what I used in this video.

4. Special Offers of your content/products

Offering your content at a special rate or for free for a limited time is an effective way to build your list and Facebook Live is a great way to promote your generosity. Link to free eBooks, eGuides, recorded webinars etc.

5. Promote a Launch

Launching a new Brand, product or service? Use Facebook Live to promote it and create some hype!

6. Hold a Live Webinar

We all know how effective webinars are but they can be very challenging tech wise. No more dealing with confusing webinar software – why not host your webinar live? It’s free! If you still want to get email sign-ups to register for the webinar then Zoom offers a Webinar service for $55 a month that also broadcasts live video streaming to Facebook and YouTube, however these viewers comments won’t be visible from within Zoom.

7. Giveaways/Contests

Go live and create hype about your giveaway! Talk people through the rules of the giveaway/contest on the live. Get people to comment to enter or tag people, in the comments of your live post. This is perfect as Facebook algorithms will push your live even more due to the great engagement.

8. Combine a Live Broadcast with your Podcast interview

If you’re a Podcaster and interviewing guests, especially in person, consider going live simultaneously – kills two birds with one stone! This gives you many more options for repurposing content later on as well.

9. Hold a Live Party!

Got a product release or a new brand to launch? Host an actual party with some interesting/relevant people attending who you can bring in front of the camera and chat with, ask them a few questions and the rest of the time walk around with your smartphone and give your viewers a feeling that they’re part of the action.

10. Answer a blog or a Social Media question

Your community ask you questions from time to time via your blog or Social Media posts – there’s your content ideas right there! Next time, before answering, take the time to turn it into an informative Facebook Live and reach even more people who might benefit from hearing it.

11. Do a live interview

Interviews, make great lives that attract plenty of viewers from both your audience as well as theirs. If you interview an industry expert then you can repurpose it as a lead magnet in the future too.

12. Behind the scenes footage

What really happens at your office or workplace? Do you have a team you could introduce to your customers? Take us on a tour of your product being manufactured. Lot’s of options here!

13. Pre-Launch of a product

Build some hype and excitement up about your upcoming new product launch with a bit of a teaser. You may even gain some new emails on your list by offering them to ‘Sign up to be the first to know’.

14. Announce a Sale

Have a big sale coming up? Generate some buzz about it and even take us on location. If it’s an online sale, you can still drum up interest by showing us the savings we can make in a Facebook Live.

15. Post a daily message

It’s ambitious but effective! We often post quotes and other inspirational, motivational and encouraging messages to build trust with our community. Consider sharing that same message in a Live! These daily lives don’t need to be long, in fact about 1-2 minutes will be ideal if you’re consistent and show up each day.

16. Ask for feedback

Do you have something new you want to offer? Maybe you’d like some feedback on an existing offer? Or simply ask your community what it is they really need right now, what’s a problem that you could solve? This is a fantastic way to get gold information from those you’re here to serve while strengthening your relationship with them and helping them to feel valued.

17. Promo Codes

You could offer an exclusive discount/promo code to Live viewers only (or valid for up to an hour after the live) as a reward for turning up. While live, encourage sharing and tagging to increase their chances as well as your reach.

18. Share breaking news

Sharing relevant news in your industry with your viewers, especially ‘just announced’ news establishes you as an expert in your field and boosts credibility through the roof. So don’t be afraid to get the news out there quickly and be seen as ‘being in the know’.

19. Demonstrate a Product or a skill

If you create or sell a product that has multiple uses this would make a great Facebook Live. You could show us how you make something or cook something, you could show us the application of a product and the results. This is great for those of you in the food, beauty and health industries especially.

20. Take a live group class

Promote this in advance and get people along to join you for a group class or session. This could be a workout session, a yoga routine, a meditation, a relaxation hypnosis or even something like an online school holidays kids music and dance class.


So there you have it – there should be at least a handful of ideas here for you to take away and run with.

Make sure that whatever you do, that there you ALWAYS have a Call To Action in your Facebook Live for people to find out more, download, buy for themselves, contact you, or sign up to hear more of the same.

Hopefully this has inspired you to start using Facebook Live more often in your marketing.

If you’d like some help on how to conduct your Facebook Live and make a great impression then download my FREE All-You-Need Checklist to plan, present and promote your Facebook Live and ROCK IT!



And if you’re not quite ready to go it alone and you need a supportive kick in the butt and some accountability to get yourself out there and ROCK IT LIVE on your Facebook page in just 3 weeks then here it is!

ROCK IT LIVE – a 3 week online program designed to equip you with an idea, a goal, a plan and the opportunity to prep and practice with a team and a buddy, who’ll hold you accountable to going Live 3 times on your Facebook Page in one week.



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