Deb Rock-Evans | ABOUT DEB
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You’re following your passion and your soul calling, responding to what you believe the world needs right now and you’re on your way to making a huge difference in many people’s lives.


You have some really great clients who love you and you know that having a decent email list, a sales funnel and a really strong online presence is key. But do you have a revolutionary brand with soul that’s going to help you change the world?



I get it when you’re kinda embarrassed to give out your business card because you’re not in love with your brand. And I get that having an average website which is just ‘there’ but isn’t turning your visitors into over-stayers and isn’t showcasing your credibility in the way you deserve, is a frustration you could do without.



Trust me, I can totally relate because I’ve been there too! Like recently… and luckily I have the skills and experience to help make your dream brand and web presence a reality.

Your  brand is meant to feel like your favourite wooly jumper, comfortable, cozy, it should smell like you, be your best colour and your favourite texture.

You want a kick-ass website that’s like your dream home, it’s got your style stamped all over it, impresses all your visitors and converts them into over-stayers. You want it to ooze with your personality, you want your customers to feel like they’ve come home when they land on your doorstep, you want them to stay and hang out and party with you!



Trying to define yourself in a digital and visual way is really really hard,  because you’re too close to it and you’re afraid that you’ll never be happy.



I’ve come to learn that the key is, to get in tune with your inner self, your soul, your innate (whatever you like to call it) and trust what you see and hear as you work through the creative process. Don’t try to be or look like what you think people want you to be. You have to be authentically you online, so that means your brand, your website and how you express yourself – everywhere and everyday.

Your brand is not just a logo, it’s your vibe, your values, your vulnerabilities – it’s every aspect of yourself that makes you YOU.

I’m passionate about helping impact entrepreneurs build revolutionary brands with soul by enabling them to connect authentically with people who need that special something that only they can offer and change lives. I love what I do because I know I’m helping to change the world by helping these trailblazers be seen and heard on a bigger level.


I combine my design sense and education (Bach. Des. Deg), my IT service delivery professionalism and customer support experience with my intuitive guidance to create the perfect brand and online presence that encapsulates your personality and speaks to your soul – as well as to your customers.


For many years I’ve wanted to be out of the Rat Race and in my own business, speand more quality time with my family and live more purposefully. In 2014 I stepped into my power, after a couple of years of planning, quit my comfortable job in I.T. and started working full time on Hers By Design. My journey has taken me from wanting to work with other women like me, to wanting to work with people who literally want to change the world – that fires me up!

So I’ve since rebranded, owned my name, owned my voice and owned my purpose and I tell you, I’ve never felt so alive and on purpose as I do right now because I’ve found my purpose; to help impact entrepreneurs create revolutionary brands with soul for a new world!

5 years ago I was at a real crossroad in my life. A successful IT professional in a new relationship with a wonderful man who happened to also come with a ready made family. It was difficult becoming a mum to 3 without the long learning curve and I never heard the words ‘mum’ which I longed for. I had some money and decided to take off for 3 months around South America on a spiritual journey (something I’d been drawn to do for some time), dream up my business (because I knew I wanted one – but what?) and also have a serious think about whether this man and his family, was going to be a part of my future.


I had some amazing spiritual experiences, new connections and deep healings and I realised during the trip that I did want to spend the rest of my life with my wonderful man and his family and I wanted for us to have our own child too. I wanted a son and I seemed to have manifested that.


Fast forward 2 years we’re now married, have an active, strong, smart, cheeky, loving and wise beyond his years toddler in my life. My thoughts frequently jump into his future, 5, 10, 15 years from now. What will he be like?


What will his environment be like? What will be happening in the world? Will we be living the way we are now? How can I best educate him for a new and rapidly changing world? What should I feed him to ensure he grows strong and healthy? How can I nurture his connection to all that is? How can I protect him from all the unimportant stuff that jumbles our lives and keeps us from the truth?

These types of questions fuel my passion to help people get their truth ‘out there’ to help others. I feel I’m a part of a revolution within humanity that is waking up to the fact that the way the world lives now is not sustainable, healthy or peaceful and I like to spend my time seeking out people who are challenging the status quo and working with them.


I’m now clearer than I’ve ever been about my purpose and so are my clients. Some have been dreaming this up for years and are ready to create and launch their high-level branding. Others have gone through a learning process and now have more clarity about their purpose, their offerings and their message and are ready to rebrand or launch a new offering. Most have acknowledged their gifts and are ready to ‘receive’ their abundance finally and earn the 6 figures plus that they deserve.


I’ve helped coax and capture the soul of an idea or person and have intuitively co-created brands and online identities for many happy clients. This is what I can do for you too.


Are you ready to up your game, be remembered and be revolutionary through having a high-level brand and web presence that’s credible and compelling enough to attract your peeps and generate you the 6 figure revenue you deserve?


I want to work with motivated, driven impact entrepreneurs like you and capture the heart of your purpose. You want to work with someone who ‘gets you’, who can deliver the whole package and help you be real, be remembered and be revolutionary.

You’ve got the purposeful world-changing vision,

I’ve got the creative and technical ability to give it an identity,

Together we can change the world!


Let’s Rock this revolution babe!