Deb Rock-Evans | Do you have a social media marketing plan for 2016?
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Do you have a social media marketing plan for 2016?

Do you have a social media marketing plan for 2016?

There’s no denying that social media has to be part of our overall marketing plan and in many online entrepreneurs businesses it’s the only platform worth considering or planning for.

Do you have a marketing plan for 2016? Have you had a marketing plan before?

If you really want to lift your business and revenues up a notch this year then a social media plan really should be part of the arsenal that you’ll need to build a decent sales funnel for your business exposure and the offerings that you’re planning to launch in 2016.

Check out these posts from the peeps who know about current and predicted trends for 2016:

Social Media Examiner, a huge player in the industry have released their 2016 Social Media Marketing Predictions From the Experts.


And Social Media Week have offered their 7 Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2016.

(Thanks to Nicole Holland for sharing these posts!)

Part of your social media plan needs to include what social media platforms you’ll focus on using, picking just a few and focussing your efforts on those is key.

Because lets face it, unless you have a marketing team on board, it’s just too time consuming to be everywhere in a really REAL way and your peeps aren’t going to be hanging out everywhere either. Deciding on the platforms will depend on where your peeps are hanging out and what platforms you feel comfortable using.

Here are some key points I’ve taken from these articles which I resonate with because I’ve already noticed changes in activity and trends that have inspired me to make changes in my marketing strategy:

The future is in groups not individual pages

Whilst writing a recent series of blogposts (see my previous posts) about how to make the most your Facebook page reach I became disillusioned with my own advice and stopped writing it because I came to a realisation that it was all a waste of time if you weren’t prepared to pay for the exposure.

More importantly I realised in order to help the people I want to help, I needed to start a group where people will receive my posts with tips, advice and inspiration and where I can build a real community where engagement is easier.

For example, Facebook pages relegate ‘likers’ comments to the sidebar which never get seen and unless you’re spending hours a day and have hundreds if not thousands of followers, comments and engagement on your posts is far less than they will be in groups. Group conversations get noticed in people’s newsfeeds and it’s a much better way for your brand to get in front of your peeps regularly.

Live Video Goes Mainstream

2015 saw the arrival of Periscope and other live video platforms on the scene and these are certainly the way of the future over and above video.

Blab a relative newcomer seems unquestionably better (to me anyway) as it allows 2-4 people live streaming in the conversation, lending itself beautifully to casual conversations and interviews which is what I’d love to focus on this year as my main marketing tool. Especially to talk about topics that are less to do with branding and online identity but that I’m really passionate about and want to learn more about such as my ‘World Awake’ movement and ‘What are we feeding our kids Mind, Body and Soul’ which will cover topics like healthy food for kids, home-schooling and un-schooling trends and how we can help our kids to develop their spirituality and connect with nature.

Leverage social media to build my list

According to Joe Pulizzi in the Social Media Examiner article:

“In 2016, more brands will stop focusing on follower counts and likes and begin to look at social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as pure syndication opportunities.


Why? We’ve learned over the past few years that we have no control over our connections on social platforms. The platforms control the flow of information and the data on your audience. They can show whatever they want to whomever they want, regardless of whether someone opts in to see your content.


What to do? Brands will continue to leverage these platforms, but will do so with a firm goal of building their own audience of email subscribers (where they have the most control and can communicate directly with subscribers).”

This is precisely why I’ve decided to use my Facebook page as an avenue to join the Hers By Design Collective closed group via my email subscriber list, this way I’ll capture my ideal audience and market while still utilising the incredible potential market online on this platform.

It pains me to see so many people preoccupied with page likes – don’t be! It means nothing if they’re not opting onto your list. Find your way to attract them and make list building your main focus.

Facebook has my target market

As a user I’ve always preferred Facebook and my target market, women entrepreneurs, some who are also mums like me and are around my age bracket (30’s through to 50’s) are heavy users of Facebook so this is where I need to focus most of my time hanging out and connecting.

Instagram and Twitter have good reach but for how long?

Personally, I don’t really get Twitter or at least I haven’t made a concerted effort to grow my followers on this platform. It is getting to the point though that this company needs to make a profit now and they’re going to do that by making users pay for reach, just like Facebook has. So again, all that hard work building a following, won’t pay off unless you pay up.

Instagram is still freely organic, but big companies are starting to jump on it now, recognising the huge youth market who hang out here, plus they’re owned by Facebook, so it’s only a matter of time before you pay for reach.

Pay More for Traffic

In saying all this, I will choose to invest in advertising with Facebook this year but I will not pay to boost posts as I don’t believe that’s a good return on investment. I will pay for ads to promote my Facebook Group the Hers By Design Collective and I will advertise upcoming offerings.

Visuals Customised By Platform

The format of ‘posts’ are all different across the platforms which can be really frustrating! However tools like Canva for Work make life much easier, enabling you to effortlessly create posts with your branding across all major platforms at the click of a button.

Look out for an upcoming review of this tool and future training Webinars on how to get the most out of it here at Hers By Design!

Social has to be mobile

The social media platform has to be mobile friendly and easy to use and access by your growing market of peeps living in their mobile devices.

Case in point, I’m writing this blogpost while we’re driving home from up the coast, 1.5 hour journey, time well spent! (P.S I’m not the driver!)

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own social media marketing strategy for 2016. Don’t have one yet? It shouldn’t be too onerous.

Even working out 2-3 key goals for the year and breaking them down into a handful of milestones spread out across the quarters, making sure they are supporting your strategic business goals, will be a good start and really beneficial.

To go one step further you could create an editorial calendar for the year with your topics that you’ll focus on, so you don’t need to worry about what content to write – the guides will be there for you! Then you can tackle putting your posts together each month in advance and scheduling them.

Good luck! And please share any tips you may have on this topic 🙂

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