Deb Rock-Evans | Do you need to Rebrand?
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Do you need to Rebrand?

Do you need to Rebrand?

“You are your brand and your brand is you and is meant to feel like your favourite wooly jumper, comfortable, cozy, it should smell like you, be your best colour and your favourite texture”.
~ Deb Rock-Evans

Are you finding it hard to attract your tribe? Do you feel you’ve outgrown your brand and you need to step it up a notch and attract a different market? Are you not feeling inspired with your biz anymore? Has your service or offering changed significantly to when you started? Has your purpose and vision developed and become more clear to the point where it feels disconnected from your brand now?

These are all considered to be valid reasons to ask yourself the question ‘Do I need to Rebrand?’.

You’re not attracting your tribe

If your brand’s key elements such as colour palette, imagery, logo, fonts and photography aren’t lighting you up all, then they’re sure as hell not going to be lighting up your ideal market. If you have just a few elements that don’t quite sit right with you, such as your colour palette or fonts, then perhaps brand refinement is all you need to spice up your love life with your brand! Check out my previous articles on ideas and ways you can refine some of your brand’s key elements such as colours, fonts and logo or imagery and photography.

However your brand isn’t solely about how you ‘look’, it’s not all about your style, your logo, your colours and your imagery – it’s also about your messaging.

If your brand’s language, tone and conversational style isn’t truly reflecting your own then you’re less likely to attract the right people to you. Also if you’re out there talking about topics that aren’t of interest to the people you’re targeting then they’re not going to read your content or connect with your brand and therefore you, your product or service.

You’re all grown up


Perhaps you feel you’ve outgrown your brand and you need to step it up a notch and attract a different type of customer? You’ve been in business for a few years now and you’ve

worked out what you enjoy doing and what you really don’t enjoy. You’ve honed in on your niche more and have changed and tweaked your offerings to better suit that niche. You’ve also decided that your ideal customer is a certain type of p

erson, a higher-level client perhaps and you feel like your brand isn’t helping you position yourself at that higher-level to attract these preferred clients.

Your logo, colours and fonts are clunky or immature looking, outdated or not fresh enough for where you feel you are now. Perhaps all your brand’s elements needs sharpening up, you want to pay more attention to the details that really help you appear more professional, mature and defined – to match how you’re feeling in your business.
You might have a small team now and you want some rules and boundaries around how they design and present your content with your branding in a consistent way.

You need to rebrand if you feel that changing just one brand element (such as a font) is going to look and feel completely out of sync with all the other brand elements. If you’ve made a change like this and have opened a whole can of worms – then it’s time for a makeover!


You’ve changed

Alternatively, your service or offering may have changed so significantly compared to when you started that the name of your business doesn’t make sense now with the new direction you’re taking. Not only your business name, but your logo, your tagline, your value statement, your mission statement, your manifesto, your purpose statement – it’s all out of whack.

Sweeping changes in direction to this extent go hand in hand with a rebrand. You just can’t have one without the other and not cause total confusion in the marketplace. You need your existing customers to know how and what has changed as well as attract a new crowd.

You’ve lost your mojo

When you’re not feeling inspired with your biz anymore it can be for many different reasons. Perhaps you’re sick of some of your offerings or have been doing one or two things that you really don’t love for far too long now or maybe the way some your customers treat you has left you completely over it and you want to change your whole target market or change the way in which people work with you.

These types of reasons for losing your mojo in your business can’t be fixed through branding, however, if you’re going to make some changes in your business they are quite possibly going to involve changes in your marketing, your website and so directly affect your brand. Changes like these could certainly be accompanied by a rebrand.

There’s nothing more exciting than making a positive change or clean-out in your business accompanied by a fresh new look and message to help you maintain that excitement and send a strong message to everyone else about what you’ve become.

You’ve got soul!

Your purpose and vision has developed and become more clear to the point where you feel disconnected energetically from your brand. When you started out on this crazy journey of starting your business you had different motivators, different goals and aspirations and were operating in a completely different energy. You were passionate about what you did but perhaps for different reasons than you are now. Your brand lacked depth, thought, emotion and purpose and over the years you’ve learned more about yourself, your gifts, your strengths and have narrowed down your sweet spot. You’ve worked out that what you’re offering is helping people, helping heal the world, it’s your life’s purpose, your soul’s purpose, it’s integrally important to you on a deep level and your brand absolutely must reflect this!

This is my favourite reason for a client to want to rebrand and going through the co-creation process with them brings me so much joy! Working with clients who have done the soul searching and the digging have so much clarity about their brand already. All I have to do is coax it out and intuitively suggest ways to express it visually through all the brand elements and also verbally through their brand’s values and messaging.

I know I’m living my life and soul’s purpose when I see their faces light up and announce “That’s so ME! I’m in LOVE with it!” – that’s when I know that I’m helping them to bring their gifts to the world and in doing that, helping lift the vibration of the planet. It’s a beautiful thing!

Do you resonate with any of these personal situations?

If your brand’s look and feel isn’t quite feeling right or there are a couple of areas that you feel you need to work on, then refining your brand may be all you need to get your brand feeling 100% comfy – just like that wooly jumper analogy.

Check out my past blogposts on Brand Refinement which will give you plenty of ideas of how to make small changes to some of your brand’s key elements such as such as colours, fonts and logo or imagery and photography to help you get that perfect fit.

If you’re looking for my more free tips and advice on building a brand and website you love and want to meet and hang out with other heart-centred brave entrepreneurial souls then come on over and join the Hers By Design Collective, my private Facebook group, by clicking on the image below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and it’s helped you to assess whether you’re at the stage of either refining your brand or going through a rebranding exercise.

What are your feelings around your brand right now? Have you outgrown it? Have you lost your mojo? Is your brand making your soul sing? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

The next couple of blogposts this month are going to be about what to expect from the rebranding process and a breakdown of what’s involved, so stay tuned and in the meantime…

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