Are you missing out on building your audience & brand on Facebook because video scares you?

Get Over Yourself & Get Yourself Out There!

Have you considered Facebook live video to Get Yourself Out There?

Facebook Newsroom reports that people will watch a Facebook Live video three times longer than a static pre-recorded video. And the reach for live video posts is 10x more than normal posts. For free. BOOM!

How much money are you leaving on the table do you think? When you think about it, you’re seriously hurting your ability to build a connection with your people and grow your brand by NOT doing Facebook Lives.

If you go live on your Facebook Business page which is public, people who like your page will be notified you're live and the longer that you're live, the more people are notified. People in your circles who follow or are friends with you will be notified. All these people can share the post with their friends, groups or pages. You can boost a Facebook Live post and target your list and even more. The opportunities are endless.

You should be jumping all over this!

But I get it, you have a long list of very valid reasons why not to, I have plenty myself believe me!

Any of these sound familiar?

I don’t come across well on camera.

I don’t like the way I look.

I don’t like the way I sound.

I have kids and too many other distractions around me = not very professional!

I’ll just plain freak out and not know what to say.

I’ll freak out when I see who’s watching.

I'm freaked out doing anything live and not scripted.

I’m afraid I’ll stuff it up and make a fool of myself.

I have to put makeup on and look presentable for a quick FB Live = too much hassle!

I’m just not brave enough for that.

I’m not very tech savvy and I’ll make a mess of it.

I’ll freak out if no one watches.

You Know What? I have 3 Answers To All Of These...

  • Get Over It! Seriously, get out of your own way. You think you're the only person facing their fears here? Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Practice makes perfect. Whether it's the technical, the content, the confidence, the organisation, every time you do it - it gets easier, and you get better - I promise.
  • There are just as many answers to a problem as there are excuses. That's it really... Choose one. Are you looking for an answer or are you making excuses?

This 5-Day Challenge is to

'Go Live'...

... in my supportive Facebook Group where lot’s of other people will be doing exactly what you’re doing - trying, testing, practicing, learning, fine-tuning and becoming more confident with each Facebook Live video.

You don’t have to worry about coming up with a topic - I’ll give it to you and it’ll always be different - even if you’ve done this challenge before.

You don’t need to worry about how you look - we’re all for being REAL in here, we want to see the real you.

You need a phone to do it from, otherwise don’t worry - we can show you how it works

If you've been sitting on the fence about doing Facebook Lives, but you know in your heart that you really should, then don't overthink it! Come and see for yourself how easy it can be to overcome your fear of video by sharing via video in our supportive Facebook group!

The outcome of this challenge is for you to have the courage and inspiration to do a Facebook Live on your business page about anything you want. It could be a take home tip, an introduction to you and what you do and how you can help or starting up a regular slot where you jump on and talk about a range of topics, interview people or give people a tour of some sort.

This challenge will build up your courage and belief in yourself, it will give you inspiration and motivation and it will help you practice how to use the technology confidently so that when you get yourself out there you'll be really happy with the result.

Facebook Live organic reach

The amazing organic reach and natural engagement you get on Facebook Live posts will not be this good forever you know!

So while it’s here, USE IT and start fronting up, showing up as YOU, as your brand.

Let us see you. Let us get to know you. Let us hear from you. Let us discover what you have to offer. Let us know how you can help, how you can serve us. Let us discover if you’re the ‘right fit’ - the answer to our problem - the light to our dark.

Together, we are going to

be real

be remembered +

be revolutionary!​

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Keep rockin it hon!

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