Here’s the supportive kick in the butt you’ve been needing to get yourself out there and ROCK IT LIVE on your Facebook page in just 3 weeks!

ROCK IT LIVE - a 3 week online program designed to equip you with an idea, a goal, a plan and the opportunity to prep and practice with a team and a buddy, who'll hold you accountable to going Live 3 times on your Facebook Page in one week.

Kick's off 23rd October 2017!

There are 3 options - choose the standard group option or go for VIP support and strategy for momentum (with or without a payment plan).

Because if you had all the answers, all the ideas and all the courage you’d have done it by now right? 

But you’re still struggling to stand out in all the noise on Facebook. Your page insights are sad (you’re not alone by the way!) and it’s harder than it’s ever been to get any decent engagement on your page. The knock on effect is that you’re not driving traffic to your website and ultimately getting sales.

You’re still afraid of getting out there via live video, you’ve dabbled but you’re not confident in your delivery and you don’t want to harm your reputation by not doing your Live Video well.

You’re not sure of the purpose of your videos yet and what it is you’d talk about.

Perhaps you’re not yet convinced in the results and if Live Video is really right for you.

Sounds like you need to play with it some more, but you don’t want to mess around with yet another distraction. Better do this quickly and find out once and for all if this is a marketing strategy that is worth adopting.

Why do you need to
Adopt Facebook Live Video?

Facebook Live algorithms are organically pushing Live Video 10x more than other posts and 3x more than standard video posts - it’s free! It’s a no brainer. You just need to work out how it can work for your business and market.

Facebook Live is still largely untapped so here’s your opportunity to stand out by being one of the few brave small businesses who are showing up live and dominate your market!

It’s a fallacy that you have to be larger than life and totally slick - we’re not TV presenters, we’re entrepreneurs! Tap into and use the raw/real connected touch that real-time live video brings.

Having a purpose is key. Having someone to brainstorm with and help you with your strategy is gold!

There really is only one way to discover if this can work for your business and that is to try it out and give it a chance. In 1 week and with just 3 Lives your Page Insights will tell you all you need to know.

Live Video streaming is the way of the future in Social Media, it's going to be huge - master it! Don't get left behind!

Kate SaynorPersonal Trainer

What has surprised and pleased me is the number of actual views. These live videos definitely spark interest and so people must be dipping in and out without me noticing. I'm pleased with the level of interaction. Some of the people I know and some I don't which is great. It's definitely helped promote my page, my status and my online training. I've gained 30 or so extra likes this week, had a couple of clicks to my website and got 1 person currently trialing my online software. One of the goals of this challenge was to help people find their gym mojo back. I've had people be inspired to go out and get kettlebells and become addicted (their words) to this training after just 3 sessions, which, as a trainer, is fab! This whole process has helped me really understand my USPs.

Hi I’m Deb Rock-Evans


I’m a mother, wife, singer, branding strategist, designer and the creator of the free 5 Day Facebook Live Challenge to Get Over Yourself & Get Yourself Out There. 

I help impact entrepreneurs and small business owners to be real, be remembered and be revolutionary who are having a tough time putting themselves out there.

I do this a number of ways, through transformative branding consultation and brand and web design and I also help people like you get over themselves and have the confidence to utilise the power of Live video to hone and spread their message.

You may have taken your first step and done a few Facebook Lives, perhaps you’ve taken my 5 Day Challenge and you found that it wasn’t so bad.

But how do you take that to the next level? How do you go from doing a few live videos here and there to going public with purpose and really catching people's attention? What are you going to talk about? How are you going to make it work for you and make the right impact?

Will you post regularly and consistently to your business page and utilise it in your marketing strategy? How will this align with your brand values and core messaging? What's the end goal? Is Live Video going to work well for your business?​

What's the next step basically?

You know you need to take your live video experience further but you’re not sure how - that’s where I come in.

I'm passionate about helping more small businesses get themselves out there with Live Video and I'm not content with seeing you just dabble in it - I want to see you showing up consistently and reaping the rewards.

Damn, I wanna see you ROCK it with your own captivating online show!

When Kate Saynor signed up for the course she had some general ideas for content, however her own idea of the 7-day fitness challenge actually developed from her experience working with me on the 5 Day Challenge. So she jumped on this course to hold herself accountable and to sort out the finer details and actually do it ... or it would have been months!

And in terms of the results, was it all worth it for Kate and would she do this again?

For her the live videos definitely sparked interest on her page again and she’s been pleased with the level of interaction. It's definitely helped promote her page, her status and her online training. She gained 30 or so extra page likes over the week, increased the clicks to her website and converted leads via her CTA - people are currently trialling her online training. She's gained 12 new Pilates clients through increasing her credibility and trust online.

The most important thing is, she’s still doing Live Videos and showing up online.

Rock It Live is an online course that will help you


your public Live Video broadcasts on your Facebook Business Page.

It's packaged in a way that’s designed for you to take small daily actions that get results and give you the encouragement and support you need to not only get yourself out there but to ROCK IT!

This online group course is a 6 step system that guides you through what you need to do to make your best impression and ROCK your Live video!

Here's what you will get:

  • Lifetime access and login 24x7 to the course content
  • Content is available in video and downloadable PDF's
  • Workbook to track your tasks
  • 2 group calls via Zoom for 1-1 feedback
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you'll be assigned a team and an accountability buddy!

If you choose the VIP option, you will also get:

  • 2x 30 minute 1-1 sessions with Deb to use as you like throughout the 3 weeks
  • Promotion in Deb's community and Facebook Group
  • A strategy session to form an ongoing Facebook Live strategy to maintain momentum

Here’s the 6 main steps in the programme:

  •  PLAN

You can’t Rock It Live without a clear purpose, some goals and a plan. So that’s what we cover in the first 2 days. You’ll have some tasks to complete so you're prepared for our live group call via Zoom where you will have time on the hot seat to fine tune and lock down your idea for the Live gigs ahead.

  •  PREP

We'll go through the basics of setting up your environment for going live. I'll introduce you to some basic equipment should you choose to purchase some - but this is not essential


Next up you’ll promote your upcoming Live gigs! Yep, you’ll brand it, promote it, and that’s when this will start to get real!

  •  PRIME

You’ll get a crash course from me in how to prime yourself and in your live performance so you can get the best engagement from your Lives without feeling unnatural. I’m all about being as real and natural as possible.
We all have our unique x-factor and way to shine on video and working with me through this process will help you to start discovering yours.
The most important part of any performance is the opening act, the first song, the grand entrance. You will have homework to work on your intro and this alone, for some of us, is worth the cost of the whole programme!
Our second Zoom call will have you in the hot seat again and refining that intro and discussing what your audience engagement tactics are going to be throughout the Lives.


Here’s where the power of being part of a team and accountability will come into play. This is a totally optional yet highly recommended step in the process. We’ll coordinate and arrange an opportunity for you all to practice going live in the group and getting that oh so valuable feedback.


In the 2nd week you’ll Rock It Live on your business page at least 3 times. You’ll have feedback and support from your team and your buddy and I’ll jump on to watch as many lives as I can too. And like every great live tour, we’ll wrap up with an awesome after party and a debrief, sharing the results with each other, the highs and the lessons so that we can all benefit from each others experience!


When do I get access?

You will get access to the course platform and the Facebook group on Monday 16th October. If you choose the VIP option, you'll also be able to book your one on one sessions for the next 2 weeks.​

What exactly do I get with the course?

You get a step by step system that will help you finally go live on your Facebook Page like a Rockstar! You’ll be allocated a team and an accountability buddy. If you go with the VIP option, you also get 2 x 30 min 1:1 sessions with Deb which could include a Live rehearsal with feedback.

How much time will I need?

You will need 1-2 hours per week, to work through your tasks and another 2 hours for the 2x Zoom calls. If you like to practice you'll spend even longer. If you go with the VIP option, you’ll also have 2 x 30 min 1:1 sessions with Deb.

Is this course right for me? Will it 'work'?

It's right for you if you need the push and the accountability to finally Go Live on your Facebook page. Will it work depends on how much work you put in and whether you take advantage of the accountability and team available to you. I personally have had great results using these strategies and now I want to share them with you.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes! You get access for the lifetime of this programme. I hope it's here for the long haul!

Is there a payment plan?

For the standard option, there is no payment plan. For the VIP option, a payment plan is possible of 3 equal payments of $220 over 6 weeks. If you would like to pay in full then you save %10.

What if I buy and want a refund?

Due to the nature of me guiding you through this group programme, there are no refunds. 

How much does it cost and how do I get started?

There are two experience options with ROCK IT LIVE.

The standard program includes pre-recorded tutorials and PDF’s, a workbook and checklists online with lifetime access, a private Facebook group where you have an assigned team and an accountability buddy, plus 2x Live Zoom calls together as a group.

If you're looking for more 1:1 feedback from Deb, then the VIP option is the best one for you. This gives you everything in the standard option plus 2 specific individual feedback sessions throughout the course as well as a Live Video strategy session to help you maintain momentum. Better yet, you can pay in full ($600) or 10% more over 3 easy automatic payments over 3 months.

Choose your option below



  • Lifetime access to course and login 24/7
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • 2x Group Zoom calls





  • Lifetime access to course and login 24/7
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • 2x Group Zoom calls
  • 2x 30 min 1:1 calls with Deb
  • Free promotion in Deb's community
  • Help with forming your ongoing Facebook Live strategy





  • Lifetime access to course and login 24/7
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • 2x Group Zoom calls
  • 2x 30 min 1:1 calls with Deb
  • Free promotion in Deb's community
  • Help with forming your ongoing Facebook Live strategy
  • 3 easy automatic payments for 3 months

3x $220


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