Deb Rock-Evans | The World Awake movement is about questioning, trusting your instinct and having courage
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The World Awake movement is about questioning, trusting your instinct and having courage

The World Awake movement is about questioning, trusting your instinct and having courage

#WakeUpWeds is the day of the week where I like to talk about my other passion:

The World Awake Movement


The World Awake Movement is about questioning what makes you uncomfortable in your world and trusting your own instinct rather than just accepting the opinions of others as fact.  And it’s about having the courage to take action.


Questioning what is going on in the world – rather than ignoring or accepting everything that is going on and feeling helpless to help or change things in any way – is the sign of an awakening consciousness.

The more we ignore or accept unjust, unfair, cruel and downright evil actions, people and circumstances, the less connected we are to our hearts and to humanity.


Stop being told what to think!


Stop absorbing everything you see and hear as gospel – it’s not gospel and it sure as hell isn’t always in your best interests either.

The World Awake Movement is about encouraging you to question what you hear in mainstream media, on your news channel in your newspapers, on the radio and challenge it. It’s about having conversations and debates about topics that don’t seem right, just or fair and educating yourself by researching, finding out more from other people, other sources to form a whole opinion.


The World Awake Movement is about not being afraid to trust your instinct, regardless of what seemingly more intelligent, educated, or highly regarded people are saying or telling you you’re wrong to think and feel what you do. When you feel strongly about something in your gut and in your heart then you are NOT WRONG.


World Awake pink


When we ignore our instinct, or worse still, don’t even know how to recognise our instinctive messages, then we are disconnecting from our hearts, from each other, from the universal love force, the light, God or whatever you want to call the creative force that cannot be named.

When we let go of this light, in its absence there is only darkness. And we wonder why so much bad stuff is going on in the world… With educated, advanced people living in the 21st century, with access to all the lessons from our history, access to money, advanced and innovative technology and expanding knowledge that all the world’s population collectively has, why then are we still experiencing war, famine, disease, poverty, pollution, environmental crises and lack of freedom in our lives? Don’t you think that’s strange?

These things only happen in darkness. Darkness is where greed lives. Where separatism reigns. Where individual ego-centric power resides and controls the masses by keeping them ignorant. Ignorance doesn’t question anything. Ignorance has no voice. It has no passion, no desire to learn the truth and holds no power.

When the light is on, the darkness is pushed to the edges and only light can exist. Light is where generosity, tenderness, compassion and patience resides. Where collectivism is the only known mode of operation. Where all people have personal and collective freedom, contribute and benefit from heart-centred activities and expression. People are awakened and engaged, driven by their unique passions and purpose, and given full freedom to explore these and bring them to fruition which collectively benefits the whole. The whole world. The whole of humanity.

Sound like a wonderful utopian dream? It is a very possible reality! But not if we all continue to live in ignorance.




Are you part of a World Awake?

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