Deb Rock-Evans | Where oh where are your ideal customers?
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Where oh where are your ideal customers?

Where oh where are your ideal customers?

So are these ideal clients/customers real or what? Where’s that dreamy, cashed-up person who totally loves your shit and can’t stop telling all their friends about how wonderful you are to work with and how you changed their life for the better?

Think this is all a clever con or marketing to trick you solo-biz owners and entrepreneurs into buying the next program, training, coach, eBook etc?

Think again. This is REAL. This can be yours. This can be OURS. If you’ve had enough of working with whoever you have to in order to pay the bills then DON’T WORK WITH THEM ANYMORE and focus on your ideal customer!

Every time you accept less than what you want, when you settle for second best, you’re coming from a place of scarcity.

Of course your ideal customers are out there, you just need to find them.

How do you find them? Let’s think about this from the perspective that you’ve moved to a new town, you want to make some friends. Not just anyone is going to cut it, you want to hang out with people who are similar to you, are in the same stage in life, have the same sort of interests, have the same crazy sense of humour as you, who will laugh at your jokes and who you can be you around, without feeling like you have to try hard or be someone you’re not.

So how do you do that? You be brave and you put yourself out there! You sure as hell don’t pay hundreds of dollars to run ads to say ‘Wanna be my friend? … Please?’!

First things first, decide who you want to hang out with…

Decide who the hell they are!

If you’ve been through the valuable process of finding out who your Ideal Customer is and have been through the Ideal Customer Avatar Exercise and drawn up an Ideal Customer Profile then BAM! You’re crystal clear on who you want to work with.

If you haven’t done this, then for crying out loud just CHOOSE ONE, give them a name, a personality, a life, a style, interests, relationships, issues, baggage and mindset challenges as well as a few key things about that you just think are freakin awesome and obsess over them – their like your new BFF.

It would be really cool if you draw up an A4 profile of them and stuck them up on your wall so you can think about them all the time.


Tell them who you are!

Don’t be be afraid to share more about yourself openly on social media. And I don’t mean bigging yourself up in the safety of your own pages/accounts either. I mean get out there and join groups and conversations and SHARE. Share your feelings, experiences, embarrassments, fuck-ups, frustrations and then how you overcame them, how you solved your own problems, how you solved other people’s problems etc. Let people get to know you, what you do, what you offer and then they’ll work out for themselves if they like you and want to get to know you better and become part of your tribe.

No one ever made friends by hanging out in their own room and waiting for people to come to them. Why the hell would it be any different online? Duh. Get out there and mingle baby!

And get out and mingle often. Sometimes your ideal peeps aren’t hanging out at the party when you are, or they’re in the next room and you never met them because you didn’t wander around.

When you’re out there, talk about them, stuff that relates to them, stuff that they’re going through, you’ll prick their up their ears, next thing they’ll be eavesdropping, then joining in, then connecting, then asking for your number, then looking you up and arranging a date 😉

And don’t be afraid to offend people while you’re doing this. If it’s your style to swear like a trooper (I’m afraid I’m a bit of a potty mouth at times and I seriously need to try harder because of my toddlers virginal ears!) but DAMN I want to work with someone real too, who’s not going to be all prissy and offended if I use the ‘F bomb’ inadvertently because I’m passionate about something and it slips out. People need to see the real me online, just as they would in the flesh and if they’re still drawn towards me and like my style then great – they’re one step closer to being my ideal customer.

Tell them who they are!

What? What do you mean Deb?

What I mean is, on your social media pages, on your homepage or Start Here page, on your About page or bio, in your blogposts, on your Podcast intro, in your videos, in your opt-in blurb, in your ads and sales pages – just describe them in a level of detail that they know you’re talking about them.

Come up with awesome statements that sum them up and put them in places that you think are appropriate so they can see you’re talking about them. You’re calling them. They’ve found a kindred spirit in you! People like to feel that they belong and they like to be part of a tribe, a collective a group of like-minded people where they feel they belong and can really be themselves.

So make sure you make it easy for them to spot. Don’t hide that shit or not think it’s important.

Yes this may not be the quick and easy fix you were wanting to hear – but when did quick and easy methods ever help you make REAL SOLID FRIENDS?

This stuff takes time and it takes your effort. Once you’ve found a few mates (ideal customers) they’re going to tell more of their mates about you and soon you’ll be little Miss Popular. Don’t sweat it. Don’t worry about it. Don’t be a Try-Hard. Just keep BEING YOU and they will come. Have faith. I believe in you!

Love ya!

What’s one thing that you could do differently, or start doing today, that would help your ideal clients find you and you find them?

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